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An honest work generates its own power.

—Annie Dillard, Living by Fiction

Coming in at just under 150 pages, our Print Edition Two features our editors' favorite works to date. There's a real variety in here: oxygen bars explode; moon suits are harpooned; a blue-eyed blonde boy disappears to Oklahoma and Cobain goes to the other side; an Iraq veteran throws a beer can into a plasma TV; drug tests are passed; non-advice is given; and much, much more.

At 4.25'' x 7'', Print Edition Two is the perfect size for reading—or at least we think it is. Because these are pieces that you'll actually want to read.

The thing is also chocked full of beautiful circle illustrations by our Art Director, Emilie Robinson.

FEATURING Sean Thomas Doughtery, John Jodzio, Lara Avery, Sun Yung Shin, Paul Lisicky, Adam Moorad, Matt Mauch, Paul Brutscher, Marlon James, Brad Liening, Greg Girvan, Drew Jennings, William Trent Pancoast, Susan Koefod, Dorene O'Brien

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